• Get people talking
    and trying!

    Sircle Ads boast 25 times the engagement
    of regular online ads.

About Us

Sircle engages the consumer.

Sircle extends the blogger review model by placing product ads immediately adjacent to the blogger article. The ads include a call to action.  Possibilities include:

  • a free sample
  • an online coupon
  • a rebate
  • a sweepstakes give away
  • a free product

When the reader engages, their click takes them into Sircle, where we manage the sign-up, fulfillment and performance reports for the campaigns.

Sircle is a technology company focused on inspiring great marketing moments in a highly data driven fashion.  Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Sircle is composed of a few startup veterans and some youthful rising stars.

  • Are you a beauty brand?

    Sircle’s digital advertising programs help consumers interact with products and coupons for the highest sales conversions. Brands can leverage existing Sircle applications without devoting funds to one-off software development.

What We Do

  • Instantly redeemable offers

    Consumers get to participate immediately in a “reward” for their presence and willingness to participate.  The Brands know exactly their ROI on advertising.

  • Targeted Product Sampling

    Sircle programs engage only those consumers who match our Brand clients’ desired targets and who will deliver the highest lifetime customer value.

  • Blogger Driven Promotions

    Sircle enables campaigns that reach the most qualified and loyal digital audiences via Blogs.  Sircle boasts engagement rates 25 times as effective as traditional online advertising.

SIRCLE provides the ability to offer rewards to customers for specific events

Sircle extends the reader audience: Equally important, Sircle enables the reader of a product review to instantly and effortlessly amplify the article, OR THE OFFER, to an individual friend, or an entire group, via email or social media.  Response rates on personal referrals are vastly higher than on non-personalized offers.

Sircle phone app extends the buying process all the way to the retail location: Readers can also download any offer directly to the Sircle app on their phone.  With retailer participation a reader could, for example, get a free product by presenting the phone coupon at checkout.

Sircle also can initiate the sales process at the retailer:  Entirely separate from the blogger driven marketing, Sircle can also initiate the sales process for that same campaign with its app’s “virtual try-on” technology, right there on the retail floor.  A consumer can choose a makeup type (eye shadow, lipstick etc) and a specific color from a palette on the app and her phone will mirror her face live wearing that particular makeup selection. Once engaged, that consumer will have phone based access to the same campaign incentives as a reader at home.

Sircle closes the loop.

Industry Insights

Get to know your market better.

Our goal is to serve you insights on consumers’ makeup bags. Ever wonder how often a consumer cheats on you and buys another brand? Or just how many mascaras does she actually have in her makeup bag?! Does she really mix $5 products alongside $40 products?! Sircle collects valuable insights, direct from the consumer, to enable you to tailor your marketing message and timing to consumption patterns. Learn who your brand rubs elbows with in the crammed square footage of a woman’s makeup bag.

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